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Tel Aviv - Angel Investor IL

US50,000 - US500,000

Director at E.S. Global Investments Ltd, a comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory company providing objective financial advice to people from all walks of life. Also Manag...   

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Jeddah - Angel Investor SA

US1 - US250,000

I am a Marketer. I used to work as a consultant at Dare'n'Deal, the leading collective-buying platform that features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, eat, see, and buy in the Middle Ea... Dare'n'Deal, Juffali

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Investor Profile Image - Marketplace... AE

US10,000 Min - US800,000 Max gives retailers, wholesalers and service providers such as suppliers, manufacturers, freelancers and more the opportunity to trade faster globally, expand the...

12% Raised
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Wire Ltd HR

US10,000 Min - US1,500,000 Max

Wire Ltd is a Croatian IT company established by an enthusiastic group of visionaries dedicated to providing the world with an innovative, regionally targeted social app ...

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Luke Heron, CEO & Founder at

Luke Heron, CEO & Founder at

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Wolf & Badger

Wolf & Badger

DONE DEAL - Wolf & Badger is a unique platform to support, promote and retail the finest independent fashion and design brands.