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15% raised

Bitcademy Football


Bitcademy; decentralized blockchain AI and marketplace tech for player predictions and talent hunting in football; Multi-national team already awarded best ICO start-up.

US$ 200,000


US$ 2,500

Min per Investor

Global Pro
0% raised

Social Network


A new type of social network with user generated content. The site has 3 main categories: Things, Places, Food & Drink. Every page has 4 options to choose from depending on the category (e.g. I Have, I Want, I Don't Want, I Visited, I Want T...

US$ 3,000,000


US$ 100,000

Min per Investor

Global Pro
8% raised

Alternate Energy Solution

United Kingdom

Alpha Prospects newly acquired subsidiary, Siam Industrial Ceramics, has developed an alternate source of energy using plasmoids which are derived from water.

US$ 6,000,000


US$ 5,000

Min per Investor

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US$1 - US$100,000

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Highly accomplished professional with 25 years of proven success with Fortune 100 companies; impacted organization profitability through effective strategic man...

Areas of Expertise

Strategy Development & Pla

US$10,000 - US$100,000

Dubai, UAE

Professional with broad experience in all aspects of business and financial management. Direct experience with car rental & leasing, vehicle telematics, res...

Areas of Expertise

Financial analysis, feasibilit

US$1 - US$5,000,000

Khobar, Saudi Arabia

As a civil engineer by trade, I worked in Business Development for various companies for the past 10 years and recently started my own construction business in ...

Areas of Expertise

Techology, Real Estate, Leisur

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