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Outside Middle East, USA

Short Summary

OnlineAuction.com Inc. originally founded in 2004 created subsidiary OLA.com in 2012 is wholly owned by OnlineAuction.com Inc. In 2014 was named by Top ten reviews #1 alternative to eBay and has a low cost subscription type service.


  • In 2014 Top Ten Reviews listed OnlineAuction.com #2 worldwide in Industry.
  • Founder Chris Fain was one of eBay's first Power Sellers is experienced
  • Best URL's in Industry OnLineAuction.com,.net,.org, OLA.com,OnlineAsia.com
  • OLA engaged a top SEC firm and is exploring entering the public arena
  • OLA-OnlineAuction.com has many testimonials and is loved by its users.
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Investment Raised
Previous Rounds US$2,000,000
Stage Achieving Sales
Investor Role Any

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