Angel Investment Network’s Middle Eastern branch is an excellent network for angel investors and local entrepreneurs based within Israel who are searching for entrepreneurial proposals, seed money to start a business, and private investment to expand their business. Business contacts within Israel, or region of your choice, can be made by simply joining our network.

Entrepreneurs of Israel, there is no longer a need to move to a quickly growing business city in order to find business opportunities. Whether you are located in Tel Aviv, Ashdod, or Haifa, finding locally based investment opportunities that meet your business ideals is an easy process. Just submit a business proposal to our network and within minutes, potential investors will be able to contact you for business discussion.

Investors, the Middle East Investment Network will have an Israel based entrepreneur with business plans that complement your own, regardless of which sector of business you are experience in. By utilizing our network’s filtered search feature, you can select among only relevant proposals made by entrepreneurs in the same location and business market as yourself.