The Middle East Investment Network is a vital online resource for business entrepreneurs and potential angel investors throughout Jordan who wish to establish business contacts that will garner investment opportunities, seed capital, and more. Connections within Jordan, or the region of your choice, can be made through a short registration process upon our network.

The entrepreneurs of Jordan need to know that relocating to a large business city is no longer a required part of finding business success and willing investors. Whether you are located in Amman or Al Karak, it is simple to find local contacts that complement the specifications of your project or start-up business. Simply propose your business ideas to our network and potential investors will be able to connect within minutes.

By using the Middle Eastern branch of Angel Investment Network, you can set up selective filters and browse only listings by entrepreneurs that are interested in the same type of investment opportunities as you are, in whichever location you are focused on. All sectors of business are covered, so our network is sure to have a local entrepreneur with a proposal that is relevant to your market.